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Jorvik Associates is THE place for all of your sales / business development, management / leadership development and business growth requirements.

Established by Nick Bramley, one of the North’s leading sales & business development practitioners and service providers, Jorvik Associates provides a unique range of collaboratively delivered and managed services to a wide range of clients, professions and business sectors across the UK.

At Jorvik Associates we concentrate on performance improvement, influencing skills, confidence and above all results in the fields of sales, business and management/leadership development.

We make a positive, significant and sustainable difference to our clients and our client’s businesses today, tomorrow and into the future…

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss how Jorvik Associates can make a significant difference to your business or to give us a brief for the design of some bespoke training that will make a real difference to your results…

Telephone: 0333 666 0156 |

Jorvik Associates delivers:
  • Sales & Business Development Consultancy
  • Management/Leadership Capability Analysis
  • Bespoke & Open Course Sales Training
  • Bespoke & Open Course Business Development Training
  • Bespoke Management/Leadership Training
  • Unique Sales & Business Development MOT Diagnostics
  • Sales Campaign Planning & Execution Services
  • Marketing & Business Development Strategies
  • “On-Demand” & Interim Sales Management
  • Business Focused Event Speakers